The architectural design of Nousfera Lab is focused on human needs. We realize buildings that reduce environmental impact and maximize the economic benefit for the entire life cycle.

 The high energy efficiency of our architectural design allows us to provide ideal solutions concerning the landscape, the built form, the building materials, as well as energy and cost control measures.

The idea of efficient architectural design allows you to modulate the conditions in a way that they are always as close as possible to the comfort zone. Concerning the landscape, the built form, the materials, and the other control measures, all the strategies are implemented, allowing to carry out the sustainable interventions.

All our projects have in common a focus on technological integration with environmental and climate strategies to build constructions that can reduce their environmental impact. We take care of every phase and area of the architectural design process in an integrated and coordinated way with other disciplines.

“To us, the architectural design means responding to our customers’ needs with an energy-efficient design. A building in harmony with the surrounding landscape and with the people who will live in it. A process that involves all aspects of production, from the form to the choice of materials”



Our starting point in every project is to face the needs of the individual we are working for. The objective is to understand the needs of users, their wishes, and based on this information, find the best solution that can best respond to the type of problem identified or the strategy that should be developed. Understanding, observing and defining are the main initial phases of Nousfera, which are concentrated in the Human-Centered Design, creating solutions in harmony with people’s needs. Empathy is fundamental in the development of the project concept’s creation, a fundamental cultural value that allows Nousfera to develop innovative concepts, projects and systems that respond to real needs and to users’ desires.


This phase allows Nousfera to design alternative and innovative solutions, conceived and based on the reality of the project. Our data collection and brainstorming times are crucial for designing a tailor-made solution for the needs encountered. Creation, designing and visualization are the cornerstones of Nousfera architectural design process. All the projects have in common the attention to integration, which has a positive social impact, and the willingness to share design processes. The architectural design projects draw inspiration from the natural, social and cultural characteristics of the places in which they are used to live. A human architecture capable to satisfy the social, economic and cultural needs of individuals, thus allowing the creation of comfortable and stimulating environments.


“Sustainable development is the one which is able to satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”

Nousfera wants to design works that represent a leap towards a sustainable environment. The goal is to integrate architectural design solutions and green technologies to make projects become strategic for living in a more sustainable way. Bio architectural design, raw materials, use of sciences for new technologies development and renewable energies are the design principles of the Nousfera studio.

In view of phenomena such as environmental degradation, climate change, overconsumption, population growth and unlimited economic growth in a closed system, the possibility that human societies could, in the future, achieve the objectives of environmental sustainability is uncertain, which is why Nousfera employs an internal R&D department that brings forward the issues in this area.


Nousfera develops every project in BIM, from SD to As-built. We provide architectural, structural and MEP consulting services. The BIM platform is fundamental and necessary to achieve each goal within the established time and costs. Furthermore, it allows us to share and monitor the development of each project category within our design team. The final result is a perfect product detailed in every part. 


LEED is a voluntary system, born thanks to the U.S. Green Building Council, and based on architectural design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and high-performance territorial areas. The Lead is now developing more and more internationally; it can be used on any type of building and promotes an integrated architectural design system that covers the entire building.

Nousfera employs internal and external collaborators to issue the LEED certification for the architectural design and construction of the works. Working on the whole process, from the design to the actual construction, LEED requires a holistic approach to achieve objectives. Only with a wide effort of integrated planning and coordination, it’s possible to create a harmonious building in every area. Competitive advantages for those who adopt LEED standards can be identified above all in the great final quality of the building, in the considerable savings in term of management costs that these buildings allow to obtain if compared with traditional constructions.