Nousfera develops every project with the BIM method, from SD to As-built. We provide architectural, structural and MEP consulting services. The BIM platform is necessary to achieve each goal within the established time and costs. Furthermore, it allows the development of each project category within our design team. The end result is a perfect product detailed in every part.


The BIM method allows to give added value to the project, to optimize data and information exchange, to reduce project times and implementation and to improve cost forecasts. The building in the form of a digital model is continuously implemented and interrogated to generate data and information. All project information is organized in a digital database to facilitate exchange and understanding. The elements that make up the project are modeled in three dimensions and contain geometric and technical information.


The BIM  method requires a three-dimensional model in which objects are parametric and “intelligent”. Designers can enter and obtain information on the different parts of the work. Multiple disciplines can be managed in making possible to resolve any conflicts immediately. The most important news in recent months is that the Italian legislation is preparing to implement EU directives that require the use of the BIM method as a fundamental requirement for participating in international tenders.


The advantages of using  the BIM method concern: reduction of life cycle costs, minimization of design errors, improvement of project information communication, optimization of project management, reduction of unplanned work, increase in ROI, support for sustainable management.


Recent studies concerning the BIM method make us understand how, beyond three-dimensional modeling, we move towards collaboration between designers, with an integration between processes and sustainability. 

Vladimir Bazjanac, Professor Emeritus of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California states that “The process of designing and building structures has changed rapidly. The change is mainly due to the emergence of the BIM method and to its intrinsic ability to guarantee the validity of the data inserted in the artifact at any moment of its life cycle, allowing an integrated realization of the order impossible until now.”

These are the services we offer:

We design, create and coordinate BIM models managing the flow of data between stages, processes, softwares and businesses for a construction project across it’s life.

We deliver your projects in BIM as an extension of your design team, we create multidisciplinary BIM models for manufacturers and designer supporting the development, implementation and management of the BIM standards, processes and procedures.

1 – Scan to BIM – We provide a professional modeling service from laser scanning, increasing the precision of the informations.

2 – Modeling – We create BIM models ARCH, STR and MEP. We create custom BIM objects families to manufacturers and designers.

3 – Computational Design – We develop parametric relationships, optimizing process and complex geometries.

4 – Clash Detection – We verify the interferences and manage the conflicts between the architectural, structural and MEP project.

5 – Construction Documents – We provide construction documentation sets and economic-administrative documents.

6 – Construction – We coordinate contractors and manufacturers with a construction management system perfect for all kind of projects.