Contest “All’Ombra di Civita”

“It is famous as “City that dies”, a nickname due to the incessant erosion that is making it disappear completely, rock after rock.”

Italy is one of the most historically beautiful and most important countries in the world, but often, unfortunately, we forget it. Cradle of western culture, Italy preserves some of the most evocative architectural testimonies of the Middle Ages, from cities like Florence and Venice to small villages such as Fiesole and Narni, passing by castles that after centuries still preserve all their charm.  Civita di Bagnoregio is a very fascinating one: with only ten citizens and no access to cars, it offers the chance to experience the lifestyle of our ancestors.

About Civita

Civita was founded 2500 years ago by the Etruscans. It stands on one of the oldest streets in Italy which connects the Teber with the lake of Bolsena.

In the past the access to the city was possible through five gates, while today the so-called Santa Maria or Cava gate is the only access to the town.

The urban structure of the entire inhabited area it has Etruscan origin, while the entire architectural cladding is medieval and Renaissance. There are numerous testimonies of the Etruscan phase, especially in the area known as San Francesco Vecchio where a small Etruscan necropolis was found.

The Etruscans made Civita a thriving city, favored by its strategic position for trade, thanks to its proximity to the most important communication routes of the time.

Civita rises on a hill situated in an area morphologically subject to continuous erosion and landslides, a precarious terrain that over the years has been contributing to a progressive thinning of the hill above which the village rises and which in the future will cause the disappearance of the city itself. For this reason is important to visit this small urban masterpiece at least once before it will be too late.

As you enter, you will immediately feel the sensation of a timeless atmosphere. To welcome you, the quiet and picturesque streets of the village, a labyrinth of walls, windows and tuff rocks that will offer you a postcard image at every step. The absence of cars and motorcycles will make your walk even more relaxing, surrounded by the sounds of wind and nature.


FIAF: The Italian Federation of Photographic Associations

Founded in 1948, the FIAF  has accompanied the growth of Italian amateur photography. Widespread throughout the territory, with over 500 associated circles around which around 40,000 members, it’s today one of the most accredited references in Italian photographic culture.

Since its origins, its mission has focused above all on training and promoting young authors, everything through the help of volunteering members.


The Contest: All’Ombra di Civita


The CEO Daniele Conticchio awards the prize to Paolo Schifano

All’ombra di civita is the title of the first edition of the National Photographic Competition of the City of Bagnoregio, finished the 30 August 2019. The initiative was promoted by the Municipality of Bagnoregio, Corrado Mortera di Vetriolo Cultural Association, Vetriolo Good Friday Committee, Magazzino120 Photographic Group of Viterbo and the FIAF.

The competition was divided into two sections: All’ombra di Civita, dedicated to landscape, folklore, life and human activities in the Valle of Calanchi of Civita di Bagnoregio and in the countries that overlook it;

The other section concerns the Nousfera Sustainability Prize that will be awarded to the work which best represents the perfect man-environment relationship.

We have sponsored the event allocating a budget for prizes and supporting the initiative from the conception. Even though we are very projected to the future in terms of technology and way of operate, as Architects we recognize the importance of taking care of our cultural heritage.

Cover picture: Andrea Burla