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The design of the new analysis laboratories of the company Bianalisi S.p.A. is characterised mainly by technology and architectural language that, together with the green spaces, will help communicate the values on which the client company is founded: quality, research, technology and sustainability. The exclusive character of the composition lies in the glass prism rising from the L-shaped basement which, due to the type of glass panelling, will reflect the colours of the sky during the day, and at night, due to the internal lighting, will reveal the extent of the spaces it contains, such as analysis laboratories and representative offices; with the aim of constituting a unique and easily recognisable landmark. The building, in addition to the actual laboratories located on the ground and first floors, will house a test centre open to the public and representative spaces, respectively distributed on the ground floor on the south side of the building and on the second floor on the upper level. Another representative space is the reception area on the south mezzanine floor with a direct connection to the so-called “Corelab view”: an exclusive space from which one can admire the so-called chain, i.e. a highly automated centralised system, designed to offer considerable advantages, including improved response times. This system represents the production heart of the laboratories and involves moving test tubes through an integrated automated chain.Finally, the basement floors house the changing rooms and technical rooms.


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