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The project was conceived in order to generate a unique and easily recognizable artifact, capable of adapting to the context in which it is located without completely blending in, also in view of the representative and institutional role that such a building would play.Essentially, the project consists of a predominantly free and open area – a vast “green” square – placed between two highly urbanized blocks. The building of the Nuova Caserma deiCarabinieri di Montichiari (Brescia) therefore would be the “backdrop” of the square and would necessarily constitute an element of public interest. From a compositional point of view, the project envisaged the juxtaposition of pure volumes with simple, clear and easily describable geometries, i.e., a “slat” and a “prism” with an almost square base. They conform an “L” arrangement, open to a vast “green” square, deliberately left free. Despite the presence of two distinct and separate bodies of buildings, the uniqueness of the intervention would have been guaranteed by the roof that develops above them. The shape of the latter is not the result of a trivial compositional “gesture” a priori, but rather the inclination of the porch is able to generate a “cone” open towards via G.Ciotti – one of the main road axes of Montichiari – which, in the present project, constitutes a public access point to the entire intervention area. The lithic cladding planned for the portico and the roof, i.e. the representative elements of the project, were chosen in order to enhance the tradition of Brescian art and the resources of the area. The design proposal also included the implementation of architectural and engineering solutions aimed at energy conservation, i.e., state-of-the-art, efficient and easy-to-construct solutions.


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