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The design for the MLRS workshop building at the Portogruaro Barracks envisaged an architecture that would be inspired by the standards and innovative criteria of modularity, construction speed, low environmental impact and reduced maintenance costs. With reference to the functional purpose and especially the context in which the building was located, that is, characterized by the presence of simple and austere constructions, the proposal envisaged a solution in which the functional aspect prevailed over the aesthetic requirements, the latter being of the industrial type. Therefore, the structure of the building included structural and infill elements of the precast concrete type, which would allow for a significant reduction in construction costs and time, as well as greater safety for the workers.In compliance with the tender-based project and the design guidelines provided, two adjoining buildings were proposed, one for the vehicle shed; the other for workshop and spaces for the staff such as, distribution space, offices, toilets, locker rooms and warehouse. The proposed solution included the characterization of the elevations of the artifacts which, from a compositional point of view, were intentionally differentiated in order to emphasize the different functions that would take place in them. Nonetheless, in order to ensure an aesthetic and qualitative continuity between the buildings, nonetheless in view of the planimetric continuity that united the two buildings going to define the intervention as a unicum, the use of the same material and the same finishing technology of the external curtain walls was proposed.They were characterized by a ventilated wall system composed of metal substructure and sheet metal panels. The latter were of different conformation depending on the portion of the buildings they were going to define, i.e.: the garage building had a succession of corrugated galvanized sheet metal panels; the workshop building, on the other hand, was clad with the same galvanized sheet metal but in smooth sheets.


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