Caserma di Taranto .


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Project .

The design proposal involves the implementation of architectural and engineering solutions aimed at energy saving and optimization of economic resources and time. The aim is to create a structure with a contemporary, unique and exclusive language, easily recognizable, characterized by plant technological solutions and construction at the forefront, efficient and easy to build, in order to ensure both the expected time and cost of implementation. From an architectural point of view, starting from the indications of the plan layout of the tender-based project – without distorting its contents – we opted for the establishment of two bodies. They are developed perimeterally to the lot of intervention going to configure the wings of the central square, completely free on the north front, from which takes place the access to the entire complex, overlooking the sea. The serial, institutional and decisive language of the “wings” buildings intends to evoke the military structures, that is, the common and exclusive image that they characterize. Moreover, from the perspective of urban regeneration and redevelopment and more specifically of the site, this linguistic choice allows to finalize a new building that manages to dialogue with the existing and recovered ones adjacent or otherwise near the area of intervention, characterized by pure, repetitive geometric lines, with a strong industrial character. All of the above has led to the formulation of a prefabricated technological/constructive proposal that is simple, versatile, readily available on the market, of rapid realization and with predictable and contained costs.


  • Architectural Design
  • BIM Design
  • Interior