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The project for the new Submarine Barracks “Farinati”, from an architectural point of view, starting from the indications of the planimetric layout of the project based on the tender – without distorting its contents – provided for the constitution of two bodies of buildings that developed perimeterally to the lot of intervention going to configure the wings of the central square overlooking the sea.The serial, institutional and decisive language of the buildings “”wings”” intended to evoke the military structures, that is, the common and exclusive image that they characterize. Moreover, from the perspective of urban regeneration and redevelopment and more specifically of the site, this linguistic choice allowed to finalize a new building that was able to dialogue with the existing and recovered ones, adjacent or otherwise near the area of intervention, characterized by pure, repetitive geometric lines, with a strong industrial character. All of the above led to the formulation of a prefabricated technological/constructive proposal that was simple, versatile, readily available on the market, quick to build, and predictable and low cost. Body A housed the barracks offices, Body B the relevant housing and attached services. Corps A consisted of two wings, communicating by means of a glass “”hinge”” that identified its ground-floor entrance and from which shunted triple-height connecting galleries. Body B was traversed by a portico that would accompany the user throughout the building flanking the central plaza and serving the entrances to both the living quarters and the cafeteria, barber shop, library, chapel, some offices and barracks. Subsequent floors would be devoted to the barracks quarters, which were distributed by a central corridor featuring three convivial areas designed for guests, where they would be able to meet and congregate in lounges overlooking the plaza below by means of generous full-height windows. The central plaza constituted the heart of the entire intervention, conceived as the representative space of the new Barracks. It was essentially divided into two portions, one paved dedicated to ceremonies, the other presided over by a large body of water, which also constituted an important water supply for sanitary water.


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