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The improvement project for the offices of the new operational headquarters of the Italian Red Cross in Rome Portuense envisages the grouping of the different internal functions in homogeneous areas in order to generate a clear and legible architectural/functional organism, also in relation to their vocations of public, semi-private and private type. Therefore, the Entrance Hall (public) will be in a barycentric position, flanked by the Relaxation Room, a semi-private space (specially delimited by glass partitions that simultaneously ensure its isolation for acoustic purposes and visual permeability) and the Refreshment Room, the latter(semi-private space) accessible both by the public and by the operators present in the working areas. This configuration will allow the operators settling the entrance hall to control the use of all semi-private and private areas, i.e., the meeting and reception rooms, work areas, and services. In accordance with the tender requirements, the proposed interventions also included works to be carried out on the building envelope, aimed at improving the aesthetic and architectural quality of the elevations. Therefore, a prefabricated and dry sandwich-type cladding system complete with thermal-acoustic insulation and trapezoidal sheet metal finishing panels was planned; painting of the plaster portions using inorganic, highly breathable exterior mineral paint. The interior spaces were also affected by the project study, in accordance with the client’s objective to improve the materials and finishes provided in the tender-based project, nonetheless the interior organization for the part of the work areas in order to achieve a dynamic space through movable partitions. Finally, the improvement project also included the improvement of the totality of the facilities also with reference to their acoustic and architectural mitigation.


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