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This proposed improvement project envisages the implementation of envelope design solutions capable of conferring on it the features and properties belonging to the so-called “Climate adaptive building shell (CABS)”.The technological solutions of the envelopes proposed in the improvement project have two main functions: they contribute to energy savings for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting and induce a positive impact on the indoor environmental quality of the buildings. The planned building envelope, therefore, consists of a “skin” on the north and south fronts and fabric sunscreens on the east and west fronts that can adapt to the climate. That is, being able to change its physical and dimensional characteristics to achieve the desired interior conditions, “getting used” to different climatic conditions and even, if necessary, returning “to the original setting.” Despite the presence of two distinct and separate bodies of the building, the uniqueness of the intervention would be ensured by the roof that develops above them. The shape of the latter is not the result of a trivial compositional “gesture” a priori, but rather the inclination of the porch is able to generate a “cone” open towards via G.Ciotti – one of the main road axes of Montichiari – which, in the present project, constitutes a public access point to the entire intervention area. The key feature of the project for the Department of Engineering of the University of Salento is the adaptive building envelope (CABS). The ETFE “skin” and movable fabric sunscreens are climate adaptive, that is, they change their physical and dimensional characteristics to achieve the desired indoor climatic conditions.


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