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The project for the new Europe quadrant in Verona consists of two types of building bodies that differ both from a geometric and technological-constructive point of view, one dedicated to logistics and storage activities (warehouse) the other for office use and services attached to the warehouse. The outdoor spaces are adequately sized and marked to allow for the following at the same time: a smooth traffic flow of trucks and employees’ cars, maneuvering spaces for approaching the warehouse and the multiple loading/unloading mouths, parking spaces for exclusive use nonetheless pedestrian walkway areas and ornamental green spaces.From a structural point of view, the warehouse is equipped with a metal structure of lattice girders anchored to prefabricated reinforced concrete pillars, while the office/service block features a cantilever structure composed of three-dimensional lattice girders supported by an e.a. reinforced concrete “core.” The latter constitutes the only ground encumbrance element of the office/service block in order to maximize the ground area for logistics vehicles. The exclusive character of the entire complex is represented by an “envelope” that wraps the cantilevered part of the building. A wooden structure, composed of vertical and horizontal elements, follows one another, punctuating a volume that, from the core, gradually grows in height with the intention of forming a “telescope” that orients the user’s view to the south, i.e., the slope of best facing an open area, free of physical obstacles. The choice of such geometry also has compositional reasons, namely to recall the sawtooth profile, typical of industrial structures. This envelope also serves as an adequate and optimal solar shielding of the glazed curtain walls of the office building.The large outdoor areas have been designed in order to promote the abatement of the heat island phenomenon; the driveway pavements consist of draining, sound-absorbing bituminous asphalts, from the light-colored limestone aggregates; the green areas are planted with shrubs and trees, both for ornamental purposes and, above all, to promote the mitigation of noise and air pollution.


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