Palazzo della Salute Valpocevera .

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ASL 3 «Genovese»





Project .

The main objective of this improvement proposal is to define a building-plant system that performs well from an energy point of view and respects the context in which it is located. In the first instance, it was chosen to identify the functions to be performed within the building, namely entrance and distributive spaces (plaza/foyer and vertical panoramic connective system); service spaces (toilets, locker rooms, archives, technical rooms, warehouses and storage rooms) and areas for ASL services (offices, outpatient clinics, CEM gymnasium). Once the functions were established, they were distributed in such a way that they could be best grouped in clearly defined sections of the building in order to optimize their use and, above all, to be able to create a clear and uniform plant-distribution scheme. In addition, for each function, following their grouping, a facade treatment was designed in order to achieve the thermal and luminous comforts appropriate to each “section.”


  • Progetto definitivo
  • Progetto esecutivo
  • Coordinamento della sicurezza in fase di progettazione
  • Coordinamento della sicurezza in fase di esecuzione