Viterbo Solar Parking .

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2020 - in corso



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The Viterbo Solar Parking project is part of a programme for the redevelopment of the entire road axis of Via dell’Industria, defined by the preliminary project, located in the locality of Poggino, characterised by the presence of numerous industrial and productive activities and by a rather intense and articulated daily road flow. Cars and especially heavy vehicles drive along the road section under consideration every day, leaving their vehicles parked along the carriageway or in the disused green areas, present between one direction of travel and the other. The areas subject to the intervention are free of artefacts; moreover, they sporadically host trees of considerable size, which will be preserved and integrated into the new construction project. As far as the rainwater disposal system is concerned, to date the area does not have an exclusive disposal network for surface water runoff (grey water network); the only existing route is a single collection network for grey and black water. This situation has given rise to a series of widespread problems throughout the area, especially during periods when there is heavy rainfall, causing flooding and major criticalities related to water disposal and accessibility to the area. The project envisages the remodelling of the free areas between the carriageways of Via dell’Industria where parking areas (for cars and heavy vehicles) will be developed, as well as green areas characterised by the planting of trees specially selected according to the function they will serve. These, together with the highly permeable paving of the parking areas, which will allow the ground to breathe and will favour the natural flow of rainwater, will greatly contribute to the reduction of the heat island phenomenon. The car parking areas will also be equipped with photovoltaic canopies for both the supply of electricity and the protection of the cars from solar radiation. The entire project will develop a renewable electricity supply of a total of 453.6 Wp.


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