Green Transportation: A Giant Leap Towards a Safer Environment

In today’s generation, where cars and transport vehicles cause not only heavy traffic but also an increase in greenhouse gas emission, sustainable changes and development must be upheld. As time continues to pass by, heat on Earth is rapidly increasing, and climate change further affects the whole of humanity. Also, a transport vehicle that relies on fossil fuels to function causes an increasing impact of global warming, health implications, and environmental degradation. Heavier rainfalls, extreme drought, presence of varying diseases, and more are affecting the daily mode of living of every human being.

Fortunately, green transportation had been innovated and promoted to bring positive changes and safety to the whole of humanity. However, have you heard about this one?

Defining Green Transportation

Green Transportation, or also referred to as Sustainable Transportation, is composed of varying modes of transportation that use only renewable and natural energy sources. Some of that is solar, wind, hydroelectricity, and biofuels. Green transportation does not depend on fossil fuels, which is the typical source of energy for a transport vehicle. Green transportation aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which is behind the increase of heat on Earth.

Modes of Green Transportation

Electric Bike

An electric bike is one of the most effective modes of green transportation that promotes a safer and greener environment. Electric bike functions through a light peddling and it does not emit any harmful and dangerous particles into Earth’s environment. Some countries had already adapted and promoted electric bikes to promote the movement towards a cleaner environment for all further. However, electric bikes are limited to 20mph only in every drive. Also, in some countries owning an electric bike needs a license, and approval from the government or coordinating authority to ensure the safety and responsibility of its user.


Bicycle is one of the most effective and easiest ways to further empower the Green Transportation movement. Cycling is a great activity where it can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as serves as an effective body workout. Varying kinds of bicycle can now be purchased and enjoyed at affordable prices. In this way, you can both achieve a safer environment and a healthier body.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, and cars are powered by electricity and do not emit any harmful particles in the environment. It can also be tapped to other renewable energy sources, including solar energy, hydroelectricity, and wind turbines.

Freight and Service Vehicles

These modes of transportation were proven to emit a total of 9% toxic gas to Earth’s environment. Turning to biofuels and renewable energy to make these vehicles function instead of fossil fuels will serve as a giant leap towards aligning freight and service vehicles to green transportation movement.

Hybrid Cars

One of the smartest ways of supporting the green transportation movement, hybrid cars had helped in reducing the toxic gas emission towards the environment. Hybrid cars only have little gas emission and 25%-90% lower than the typical or average fossil fuel-based cars. However, hybrid cars also hurt the environment through its batteries. The batteries of hybrid cars have a harmful substance that is why proper disposal of it, is badly promoted.

Car Sharing

Multiple Occupant Vehicles or also referred to as the carpools had helped in reducing the number of cars on an average day. Through this, a decrease in toxic air pollution and gas emission can be achieved. Also, multiple occupant vehicles are a smart way to help the drivers increase their daily earnings that can support their families waiting at home.

Green Trains

Through the numerous governments which support the Green Transportation movement, commercial trains have been greener, yet safe. Green trains make use of electrified third rail and devices which are used to store energy for the whole train travel. Green trains can travel for at least 200mph yet still guarantees the safety of the commuters.

Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles have similarities with electric bikes. The first development of electric powered motorcycle was in the 1895, unfortunately was into the shadow of the internal combustion for more than 100 years. Nowadays the electric power is back to being the most eco friendly option, and companies are managing to reduce prices, increasing at the same time the range of autonomy.


Benefits of Green Transportation

Serves as a Good Foundation for the Building of Sustainable Economy

The production and manufacture of green transport vehicles can serve as a foundation towards building a sustainable economy for it creates more opportunities and job vacancies in the transport sector. Manufacturing green transport vehicles couldn’t be accomplished by a few workers only, it needs a large pool of workers to provide the customers with high-quality and reliable products further. Also, it can reduce the rate of reliance on fossil fuels and energy, which is also considered as one of the factors that drain a particular economy.

Reduced Air Pollution

As one of the major environmental problems that continuously make humanity suffer from unsafe and toxic air, turning into green transportation can help in reducing air pollution. Green transport only needs renewable energy sources and does not emit any harmful or toxin air particles. It can also help in reducing greenhouse gas emission, which increases the heat of the Earth’s environment.

Saves Money

Turning and relying on green transportation can also help in saving money. The supply of fossil fuel can be imported from other countries, which can cost millions and even billions. However, using green transport vehicles will never make use of fossil fuels for it only requires renewable energy to function.

Improving Health

Due to extreme heat, air pollution, and other environmental deficiency, health implications are rapidly increasing. One of the most alarming diseases is lung to breathing-related problems due to the harmful chemicals present in the air. However, relying upon green transportation can help reduce health problems for it does not emit any harmful substances to the air we breathe in.

As responsible inhabitants of planet Earth, our environment must be given enough attention and care without abuse. Come now, turn and support the Green Transportation movement for you and the future of humanity.


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