How to become a greener company and be more attractive to modern employees

While the global economy is growing rapidly as well as our footprint, are many those companies that are trying to switch their solutions to more sustainable practices. This transition is facilitated by more conscious consumers but also by the people that would get paid less rather than work in a polluting company.

But, Why green companies are more attractive to modern employees?

1 Personal pride

Who takes care of the environment would be more likely proud of himself while working in a sustainable company. Companies should link their sustainability certifications to third-party organizations, demonstrating employees pride trough testimonials that celebrate sustainability achievements. They will feel safe and happy and this is also a good way to reduce work turnover because people don’t want to live a place where they feel part of a community.

2 Care to the environment implies care to the employees

Wider spaces, cleaner areas, renewable energies are just a small part of what characterizing a company with a green policy. The attention to the environment is often placed side by side to the social care guaranteeing rights to holidays, maternity and free time.

3 Improve the quality of life means more productivity

The World Green Business Council is developing a project act to define the productivity benefits of green buildings. They have defined the main elements able to influence the quality of the workspace: Materials and ventilation, Natural lighting and access to nature.

According to the organization, better ventilation could boost productivity by 11% while better lightning the 23%. Fundamental to all the plan, is that the employees need to be themself, designers of the workplace, avoiding to have a beautiful building but not symbiotic with people.

All the steps to become a green company

Choose a green policy it adds value to companies indeed consumers will be more inclined to privilege products or services respectful for the environment. Besides sales, also the recruitment will benefit from sustainable decisions, and consequently, we will see a boost to productivity as already mentioned before. How can your company become more sustainable and be more attractive to modern employees?


1 Home office

In the last decade, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in remote work. Work from home reduces the footprint related to transportation, as well as the use of resources like lighting or papers. On the other hand, it would be possible that works need extra-equipment, impossible to keep at home, in a case like that it would be possible to balance the amount time spent at home with the one at the office.

2 Furniture

Production of furniture is very polluting, in-fact are many the chemicals used in the process. Luckily is now possible to use saver materials like powder coating and furthermore a contemporary trend is to reuse reclaimed wood or recycled materials for this purpose with a very positive impact in the reduction of deforestation. Another valid option is to consider second-hand, offering a vintage touch to your office.

3 Encourages to eat more healthy food

Doesn’t matter if your company has a canteen or people have a lunch break outside the office, what is important is to privilege eco-friendly food. Eat vegetables and fruits, and choose sources of vegan protein for lunch. This hasn’t just a positive impact on the environment but also on the morale and health of employees, with less disease in the long term and a more focused brain during the afternoon.

4 Maximize your energy efficiency

A very relevant operation to improve sustainability is to maximize energy use. Start replacing the existing light bulbs with the LED one, able to reduce consumption by up to 75%. Switch off the equipment when is not in use: have machines in standby is a true waste of energy. Control of heating and cooling by keeping the thermostat around 20 degrees as suggested by the governments. Try to use more electricity during the low peak time, which all the utility company has nowadays.

5 Set goals and consult other green companies

Have a network is important because allows keeping everyone motivated, but also to exchange each other’s practices. For example, The Green Organization helps green companies to increase their popularity, reduce their footprint and make valuable new contacts. You can also make your own public relations through social networks like Linked or Facebook.

Doesn’t matter if you are a boss or a job seeker what really count is that both would benefit from going green. Besides the economic advantages, there will be a motive impact on health and you will be a well-wisher of a better future. Being more attractive to modern employees is just the beginning. Which are the main challenges for the design and architectural companies? Read our article “Green lights for the future” and support our vision of sustainability.


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