How to set up a sustainable holiday?

As summer is fast approaching, it’s perfect for exploring the world. After all the stressful months of work and urgent paperwork, it’s good to unwind in a seaside town off the coast, a tropical terrain, or nearby ocean.

But it’s sad to know that tourism poses serious environmental impacts. Every year, studies show that there are approximately 1 billion tourist arrivals across the globe. What’s surprising is that it will skyrocket by 60% in 2020. Traveling often puts pressure on many natural resources through over-consumption.

That’s not all! Tourism leads to overuse of water. A resort, for example, uses as much water as approximately thousands of rural villagers. It also employs over 1500 kilos of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, representing the opposite of a sustainable holiday.

Traveling also puts stress on local land use. It can even lead to natural habitat loss, soil erosion, increased pollution, and pressure on endangered creatures. All of these effects can pose a danger to the environmental resources wherein tourism itself relies on.

So, what’s the safest and the best way to set up a sustainable holiday without posing a risk to our mother earth? For years, trips and sustainability have been gaining immense popularity. Since day one, it is a growing industry that can benefit both the economy and the environment.

What is Eco-Friendly Tourism?

Sustainable traveling is simple. It is the concept of visiting a place to make a good impact on the destination’s environment, economy, and society.

How does it work? It means participating in activities that don’t exploit the culture or harm the environment. It is also about supporting managed businesses in the community.

Why Consider a Sustainable holiday?

Nature is full of surprises. From majestic falls, crystal clear lagoons to forests, it has them all. However, traveling is the number one culprit why these resources tend to lose their natural beauty.

The good news is that the number of eco-friendly travelers skyrockets. Does eco-tourism compromise the quality of a summer escapade? Of course, not! Every traveler can’t help but feel more excited to explore a destination.

The difference is that it doesn’t pose a risk to the environment. More than that, it can benefit the local community. You can provide small businesses with more opportunities to gain profits and create job vacancies.

Eco-tourism gives tourists an honest look into the area, avoids the displacement of a local community, and prepares us in the coming years.

Some tips to boost your sustainable holiday


Transportation impacts for the 30% of the total greenhouse effect, according to that it appears obvious that is the main element to make your holiday truly sustainable.

Choosing the train it’s the best option, by the way, if your destination is not reachable through it, you can privilege the use of a car if you are planning to arrange a sustainable holiday with some friends. For Travel solo, the best option is to take the airplane.

To minimize the impact of the aviation, you should consider direct fly as well as economy class where the space maximization it allows a more efficient management of the space, resulting in more eco-friendly. To have a more accurate idea about green way of transportation don’t miss to take a look to our previous article about it.


When you are booking your accommodation don’t forget to take a look to the certifications, you can find a list of all of those online, so you can verify which are using eco-friendly materials, employ locals citizens or support sustainable projects.

Avoid Resorts, big and luxurious resorts are very appealing, however, the bad news is that you should avoid it if you want to minimize the environmental impact. Maintain massive green spaces for a small number of people is a true waste of energy and it reduces resources for more valuable activities.

Choose eco-friendly activities and tours


Once you will be at destination, you should consider some green activities to do while there.

Trips and sustainability can help conserve natural resources. As a traveler, you must avoid programs that hurt animals and lands. Remove landscaped parks, zoos, and recreation areas that have torn down the environment. Look for tours and parks that preserve the original land, you will give them an extra resource for the maintenance.

If you would like to do a Safari but you don’t want to leave the continent, you can take a look at one of the many European Park. One of the most charming ones is certainly the European Safari which takes place in the Italian Dolomites and represents a must for a sustainable holiday.

In conclusion

Well, arrange a sustainable holiday could be hard for first-timers. But the secret here is discipline and commitment. With the passion and responsibility to protect the beauty of mother earth, a land that’s free of waste will be a reality.

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