Solar energy to reduce the greenhouse effect

Atmosphere has been studied not longer than 200 years, a mysterious layer of gases that creates livable conditions on Earth. It’s known from early 1800 that the climate appears mostly governed by the action of water vapor in the atmosphere. However, it’s just recent the suspect that an increase of carbon dioxide could cause it to warm up. The first publication about the Greenhouse effect was published in 1824, but the Theory was officially proved by John Tyndall in 1859 who discovered that the strongest absorber of radiant heat is the water vapor combined with other gases.

Between the Greenhouse gases, we can find the already mentioned Water vapor (H2O), which contribute to the total for the 36–70%; carbon dioxide (CO2), 9–26%; methane and ozone for the rest. The main human-made component of greenhouse gases is the burning of fossil fuels. What this determines to our environment?

Evidence of rising temperatures

The state of climate report of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a list of the indicators of global warming: land surface air temperature, sea level, humidity, and glaciers, give us an accurate idea of the current world condition.

Thermometer records show that the Earth’s average temperature has risen more than 0.9 degrees Celsius. Even though temperatures have always fluctuated all over the world, scientists have demonstrated an unmistakable upward trend. What does all this mean for us? The increase in temperatures brings with it several noticeable consequences, which is important to keep in mind.

The Albedo Effect

The albedo effect measures the reflectivity of a surface. Regarding our planet, it represents the amount of sun’s energy that is reflected back to the space. The Earth’s surface is characterized by a vast range of colors: snow and ice reflect sunrises, on the contrary, darker surfaces like forests and oceans absorb it.

Sea Level Rise

The sea level is increased of 6 cm on average between the 1993 and 2014. When sea level increases rapidly as it has been, coastal cities have to face significant challenges. With most of the world population living near to the sea, we expect big migrations for the next years.

More Extreme Weather

In the last 50 years oceans have absorbed most of the man-made global warming, becoming warmer as well.  More heat determines more energy which allows storms to unleash a bigger punch. If these phenomena affected more open oceans, we will see an increase in storms also in Europe at the end of the century.


How solar energy can limit the damage?

Preventing climate change is the challenge for the next years, going green it represents the only measure to make significant changes. Besides more accurate use energy is also important to privilege renewable resources. Here, we have listed all the benefits of solar energy, which its use covers in Italy the 10% of the total needs, locating Italy as the 4th country for the amount of solar energy produced.

Benefits of solar energy:

It’s an inexhaustible energy. It appears obvious but it’s a remarkable evidence in a world regulated by a dependence from fossil fuel.

Clean for us and the environment. The use of clean energies reduces pollution in the air with relevant benefits for our health.

Effective Cost. will be a one-time investment and will provide long term benefits to people. With the increase of the solar power plant, the cost of a single unit is drastically decreased. Furthermore this technology has a little maintenance, and of course, bills are not something you to care about it.

Political equality. The use of unlimited energy, free for all, reduces the dependency on expensive fuel, acting as a peacemaker for the customers.

In conclusion

It’s important to improve education and awareness-raising in the younger generation while Industry, Transportation, building construction should incorporate decarbonization policies. Trough international cooperation is relevant to sensitize less developed countries which at the moment are the most polluting one. Energy is an essential part of our life, the use of renewables sources it will help to reduce climate change but we need mutual efforts between country and people to achieve this goal in the next years.

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